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ISCC Security Consulting Services


ISCC offers the following consulting services:


  • Assessment & Vulnerability Analysis
  • Assessment of Security Technologies and Emergency Preparedness
  • Crisis Response & Management
  • Surveillance of Public Areas
  • Optimization of Business Continuity Planning
  • VIP Personal Protection
  • Physical Security of Facilities
  • Security Training.

Integrated Security Solutions

ISCC service includes – as an integral part of the care for the client – also full training of all hard- and software components protecting people and property. ISCC assists its client in identifying the best solution for personal and property safety- and security, focusing on meeting the individual requirements.

ISCC solutions have been provided in the following topic areas:


  • Fight against urban crime, including physical violence, theft, robbery, drug misuse
  • Conventional counterterrorism, including suicide bombers, car bombs, truck bombs and improvised explosive devices
  • Security of public mass transport systems, including civil aviation, train, underground metro, and buses
  • Personal security of VIP
  • Crisis management in case of terror attacks, including weapons of mass destruction
  • Security of National Critical Infrastructure, including airport, harbor terminal, and pipeline systems.

ISCC Security Training Services


ISCC Security Training Courses have been developed by international leaders in the security community. Our lecturers and instructors are former professionals from the Armed Forces or Police. These courses focus on the needs of private security companies as well as law enforcement agencies, organizations and companies.


ISCC Security Training Courses address the following topic areas:

  • ¬†Assessment methodology
  • Conventional and catastrophic terrorism
  • CBRNe threats and countermeasures
  • Impact of explosives and weapons on human body, vehicles and building components
  • Training on safety and field use of firearms (pistol, shotgun, rifle)
  • Physical protection of persons
  • Physical protection of critical infrastructure.
    Training courses consist of lectures, computer simulation and field exercises, enabling the trainee to master real-life challenges.

Security and Safety Systems



The security- and safety systems developed by ISCC cover all products and services required for their implementation, such as (examples only):

  • Ground-based and aerial monitoring
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)
  • Perimeter systems
  • Intrusion and hold-up alarm system
  • Smart closed circuit television system
  • Automated vehicle identification system
  • Patrol monitoring and personal alarm systems
  • Fire alarm system
  • Sheltering and evacuation public address systems
  • Portable contingency security system
  • Mechanical and electronic protection system
  • Security centre and control station.